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Undergraduate StatsChat

Undergraduate StatsChat

Join Instructional Support Specialist, Dr. Janine Allwright, in a series of undergraduate StatsChat Live! events in October to learn great advice on approaching your statistics course, asking questions about specific statistical concepts, and hearing about additional statistics support that the Academic Skills Center brings to Walden Students.

Moderated by Graduate Assistant Jessica Dempsey, this live, interactive webinar is your chance to have your questions answered by your Academic Skills Center stats experts! To access the event, please use the Adobe Connect link below during the specific dates and times listed.

  • The 2nd StatChat will run on Wednesday, October 30, 2019 at 7 PM EST in the 4th week of the undergraduate term. In this session, Dr. Janine Allwright will focus on samples versus populations, explain confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, and present inferential test examples in SPSS and StatDisk.

Please click on or copy and paste the following link to access the Undergraduate StatsChat Live meeting room: