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Academic Policies: Overview

The following official university publications and websites are used to disseminate academic policies and processes.

Walden University Catalog

The Walden University Catalog is the primary resource for academic information, including official curricular requirements, for Walden University graduate and undergraduate students. Students are admitted and enrolled in a specific academic year are subject to the degree requirements described in the Walden University Catalog for that academic year. Therefore, students are encouraged to download the catalog that is current when they are admitted and enrolled and retain it for their records.

Walden University Student Handbook

Accessible using the dropdown menu on the Walden University Catalog webpage, the Walden University Student Handbook is the primary resource for academic policies and procedures, academic and student resources, and financial services policies for Walden students.

Students should familiarize themselves with the handbook especially those sections that describe the following:

Other policy publications

Specific guidebooks, guidelines, rubrics, checklists and policies related to conducting doctoral research are found within the Office of Student Research Administration  and Office for Research Ethic & Compliance pages on the Office of Research and Doctoral Services website.