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Tuition & Finances: Setting up a Payment Plan

Setting up a Payment Plan

Tuition Payment Plans allow students the flexibility to select payments that will fit their individual needs.  Walden’s Tuition Payment Plans are managed by ECSI (Educational Computer Systems, Inc.).  Students have the option to choose from several available plans including quarterly, semester, or yearly plans.

Please note: International students should contact the Financial Accounts Management ( team directly to arrange a payment plan.

Follow the steps below to set up a Tuition Payment Plan though the ECSI financial system:

  1. Go to the Student Services tab on the myWalden portal.
  2. Click on Manage Your Tuition Payment Plan (located under Tuition & Finances).
  3. Once directed to the ECSI Tuition Payment Plan system, enter your information to begin your tuition payment plan setup.

Note:  If your Walden student account is not current, please contact Walden University at +1-877-302-5504 or email prior to setting up a payment plan.


Payment Plans and Holds

All students who have an outstanding balance after the first few weeks of a term will have a hold (either a Bursar Hold or a Document Hold) placed on their account. Having a payment plan in place does not prevent one of these holds from being applied.

To learn more about what impact a hold may have on your program at Walden, please visit the Holds section.