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Tuition & Finances: Course Drops and Withdrawals

Course Drops and Withdrawals

Dropping a course during the add/drop period does not result in any liability for the tuition associated with the courses dropped.

Students who withdraw from a class are liable for all or a portion of the tuition fees associated with a course. The amount owed will vary depending on the date the withdrawal request was received.

Any adjustments to a student’s registration for a term will likely have an impact on his or her financial aid eligibility that term. In some cases, financial aid funds may be returned to the lender.

Prior to adjusting your registrations, please contact Financial Aid if you are utilizing financial aid to help pay for your program with Walden. Additionally, if you are the recipient of a grant you should contact your Enrollment Specialist or your Student Success Advisor to discuss the impact of any registration adjustments on your grant eligibility. In many cases, the grant may be awarded in such a way that taking a break for a term would forfeit a portion of the potential grant award.