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Customer Care Team Transcripts

Using Your Domestic Student Finance Portal

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Account Overview

First, you will see the ‘Account Overview’ screen.

Main information regarding your account can be viewed here.

On the left of the screen you can see your personal details and the current outstanding balance on your account.

If you have any notices or messages from your bursar, they are highlighted on this page.

At the top of the screen, you will also see the ‘Invoice History’ and ‘Transaction History’ tabs.

This is where you can find your invoices and details of any previous payments and transactions.  We will review your invoice later in the video.

Click the ‘Make a Payment’ button or the ‘Payments’ tab to continue.



Within the payments section you will see the “Make a Payment” and the “Payments activity” tabs.  

The Payments activity section will show records of all your payment activity. Your Payment will show in this area after it has been posted to your student account. 

The Make a Payment screen shows all the payment options available.  On the right, you will see two columns.

These indicate if there are any Additional Fees and the Processing Speed – this is the estimated time it will take for the payment to reflect in your student account.


Making your Payment

Select ‘Credit Card’, ‘Debit Card’, or ‘eCheck’ from the list.

You can decide to pay the current balance in full, or specify a different amount here. The Total Payment to be charged to your card or bank account is shown here.

Click the ‘Pay via’ the payment method you selected button. 

Your student ID, unique reference number and contact details will appear pre-populated on the next screen.  You can then confirm or update your contact details.

Select the term in the Term drop down box to choose the term to which the payment should be applied.

Click ‘Continue’ to input your card or bank account details, billing address associated with the card or account and confirm the payment amount.

Click ‘Continue’ again to review and submit your payment. Finally, click on ‘Submit’ to process the transaction.

Once your payment has been successfully authorized by your bank, you will see this confirmation page.

Here you can send payment confirmation to your email address (coming from ECSI) or download as a PDF for your records.

Viewing Your Invoice

At the top of the screen, you will see the ‘Invoice History’ tab.

This is where you can find your invoices. 

In the middle of the screen, you will see the term header. Below that you’ll see your invoice dates for the term, the invoice number and the amount of the invoice.

Click on the Invoice Number to view your Invoice. 

At the top right of your Invoice, you will see your invoice number, invoice date, and date due. The middle section below that is your course schedule with Course Code, Title and Credits.

Your activity summary is listed below the course schedule and highlights your prior term balance, new term charges, payments & credits, and your current balance due.

Next, you will find a summary of your transactions for the term, with date, description and amount.

The transaction total is at the bottom right of the screen. This reflects to transaction totals for the term.

From this page, you have two options at the top of the invoice to Print and Download a copy of your invoice.

The final tab is your Transaction History. This is where you can find all your billing changes and payment activity that has been posted to your student account.


We hope you are excited about the enhanced features of the new student finance portal.  We look forward to seeing you online!