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Customer Care Team Transcripts

Using Your International Student Finance Portal

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Account Overview

First, you will see the ‘Account Overview’ screen.

Main information regarding your account can be viewed here.

On the left of the screen you can see your personal details and the current outstanding balance on your account.

If you have any notices or messages from your bursar, they are highlighted on this page.

At the top of the screen, you will also see the ‘Invoice History’ and ‘Transaction History’ tabs.

This is where you can find your invoices and details of any previous payments and transactions.

Click the ‘Make a Payment’ button or the ‘Payments’ tab to continue.


Within the payments section you will see the “Make a Payment” and the “Payments activity” tabs.  

The Payments activity section will show records of all your payment activity and their most recent status. For example as soon as you complete a credit card transaction it will show up in this section with an approved status if the transaction was successful. 

The Make a Payment screen shows all the payment options available for your country and allows you to select your preferred method of payment.

On the right you will see three columns.

These indicate if the payment method allows you to pay in your Local Currency, if there are any Additional Fees, and the Processing Speed – this is the estimated time it will take for the payment to reflect in your student account.

Paying with credit or debit cards

Select ‘Credit Card’ from the list.

First, you need to choose the currency. You have the option to pay in your billing currency or your local currency, if available.

You can decide to pay the current balance in full, or specify a different amount here. You can also do this for all other payment methods described in this video.

The Total Payment to be charged to your credit card is shown here, including a convenience fee.

Many of our students will have the option to pay in local currency. This offers significant benefits:

  • It gives you complete transparency on the amount being charged to your card
  • The university provides the best possible exchange rates, and
  • Any foreign currency exchange regulations won’t restrict you from making your tuition payment.

Because of these benefits, the University recommends that you pay in local currency when possible

Click ‘Pay in local currency’.

Choose your payment amount.

The total payment amount to be charged is shown below in your local currency, including the convenience fee.

Click the ‘Enter Card’ button and input your card details.

Finally, click on ‘Make Payment’ to process the transaction.

Once your payment has been successfully authorized by your bank, you will see this confirmation page.

Here you can send payment confirmation to your email address or download as a PDF for your records. You can do this on all payment confirmation screens.

Now let’s see how to make a payment with a different payment method.

Paying with PayPal

If you want to pay with PayPal, and it’s available, first select it from the list on the Payments screen.

Choose your payment amount. But note that PayPal does not allow transactions above five thousand US dollars.

Click the ‘Pay via Paypal’ button to continue. You will be redirected to the Paypal website to enter your payment details.

When you have successfully completed your payment, you will return to the University portal and be presented with a confirmation page like this.

Paying with additional payment options

Depending on your location, there may be additional payment options available to you.

To pay with one of these, first select it from the list of options on the Payments screen.

Specify your payment amount, bearing in mind any maximum transaction limits. Then click the ‘Pay Via…’ button to continue.  

You will then be redirected to the provider’s website to enter your payment details.

When you have successfully completed your payment, you will return to the University portal and be presented with a confirmation page like this.


Paying with wire/bank transfer

If you wish to pay by Wire or Bank Transfer, select it from the list of options on the Payments screen.

Remember that different banks may have different fees for using Wire or Bank transfers. The payments themselves can also take several days to process.

You will have the option to pay in billing currency or your local currency, if available.

Choose your payment amount.

Click ‘Generate PDF form’ to create the Wire Transfer Instruction Form.

This form serves as an official document and needs to be submitted to your bank.

So take care to follow any instructions carefully and complete all the required details correctly.

Your student information - as per your current records - can be seen here.

This alpha-numeric payment reference must be correct for your payment to be processed.

The Beneficiary name here will appear as ‘WorldPay’ - our official payment provider.

Remember that to guarantee the quoted foreign currency exchange rates, your payment will need to be submitted before the expiry date stated here.


We hope you are excited about the enhanced payment options provided.

We look forward to seeing you online!