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Taskstream: ePortfolio & MyDR Support: Accessing Taskstream

There are two different reasons to use Taskstream –either for a program’s ePortfolio requirements or for the review process associated with a doctoral capstone. Depending on why you are using Taskstream, you’ll have different ways to access Taskstream.

  • To access your ePortfolio through Taskstream, the link is available from the Academics Resources section of your myWalden portal.
  • To access the Taskstream associated with your MyDR (doctoral capstone), click on the Launch Web Landing Page link under the My Doctoral Research section of your capstone classroom. For this link to be active you must have both a chairperson and a second member confirmed for your committee. 

  • Note: If you have only a chairperson when starting your capstone course, you will not have access to MyDR.

EdD, PhD Education, and EdS students who are at the doctoral capstone stage will have two DRFs listed on their Taskstream home page (see image below).

Please ensure that you are clicking on the appropriate DRF depending on which portion of your program you are working on. For example, if you need to upload your doctoral capstone prospectus, you’ll need to select the DRF for MyDR for PhD Doctoral Programs. If you need to complete a portion of your ePortfolio, you’ll need to click on the DRF for your ePortfolio.