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Taskstream: ePortfolio & MyDR Support: Accessing ePortfolio

To access ePortfolio, log into your myWalden portal. The link to your ePortfiolio is located on the bottom half of the page, beneath Academic Resources. Clicking on the ePortfolio link will open a new window and take you to an ePortfolio Taskstream page. If a new window does not open and direct you to the Taskstream page, please ensure that your pop-up blockers have been disabled.

image of a taskstream menu, showing the DRF

To access the Taskstream area of ePortfolio and to start uploading documents, please click on the DRF link with your program label. DRF stands for directed response folio, and this page has been pre-populated based on your program information. If for some reason the degree label on your DRF link is incorrect, please contact your Student Success Advisor for assistance in requesting access to the correct DRF.