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Registrar Support: Withdrawing from a Course

Withdrawing from a Course

If the deadline to drop a course has passed, you may still be able to withdraw from the course. A withdrawal means that you will be liable for all or a portion of the tuition and fees associated with the course(s). Students will also receive a grade of W for the course. While a W grade does not impact your program GPA, it may impact your financial aid eligibility and will count as an attempted course if you are on academic warning for low GPA.

Students are not able to self-withdraw from courses on the myWalden portal.  To request a course withdrawal, please email your Student Success Advisor.

If you are considering withdrawing from your course, please talk to Financial Aid prior to making any requests to Student Success Advising, as withdrawing from a course may trigger a Return of Title IV Funds. Please visit the Financial Aid section on Return of Title IV Funds for more information about this process.