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Registrar Support: Self-Registration

Self-Register for Your Course

Students in self-register programs are able to self-register for courses using their myWalden portal. To do so, you will first need to log into your myWalden portal.

  1. Once you are logged into your portal, on the right side of the page select Registration.
  2. Under the Registration, select the Register for Class/View Degree Audit link.
  3. In the drop down menu of available terms, select the appropriate term for registration – visit the Academic Calendar page or contact an Student Success Advisor for assistance in determining which term you need – and then hit Submit.

screenshot of term menu

4. On the next page, click the blue link that identifies your current program.

screenshot of program link

5. This is your Degree Audit screen - scroll down to the link that says Register underneath the course of your choice.

screenshot of the register link

6. On the next page check the box for the course and hit Register. If there is more than one section of a course available, select whichever one is first available – they are all the same course, just different instructors who have likely not been assigned at the time you are registering.

7. You should now be fully registered for the upcoming quarter.
Please note: The following page may ask you to confirm the dates of the course – if you get this message, make no adjustments to the dates and hit Submit Changes as the changes being made are to your account, not the course information.

8. Your confirmation of the registration being successful is the course's appearance under the Current Courses section of your student portal.

If you experience any difficulties in self-registering for your course or are unsure which course is next, please send an email to your Student Success Advisor to request assistance with your registration.


Students in programs that require self-registration will need to self-register for their courses each term. If you experience challenges in self-registration, be sure to confirm that you do not have any holds on your accounts, as a hold may prevent registration until it has been cleared.

Self-registration opens two months prior to the start of a term and remains open until the first day of class. Students can self-register using their myWalden portal, using the Register for Courses and/or View Degree Audit link on the Student Services tab. For directions on how to self-register for your courses please view the Self-Registration Directions section of this website.

Students are also required to initiate registration for required academic residencies and can do so using the Register for Courses and/or View Degree Audit link. For directions on how to self-register for your residency please view the Self-registration Directions: Residencies section of this website. If you have no holds on your account but experience an error with self-registration for the residency, please email your Student Success Advisor for assistance with a manual registration request.


Registration Errors

When self-registering for courses, you may experience registration errors if you do not meet the pre-requisites for a course or that course requires prior approval before registration.

Occasionally, you may see a message on the Degree Audit indicating a course is not available. This usually indicates it is not available for online registration. Please contact an advisor if you have questions about course availability.