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Registrar Support: Holds

Bursar Hold

Students who have not paid their tuition bill for a term will have a Bursar Hold placed on their account. This will prevent registration for future courses and residencies. To have the hold lifted, you will need to pay your outstanding balance.

Students who have a Bursar Hold will not be able to register for upcoming courses or residencies, nor will they be able to request a copy of their official transcript.

Any students who fail to pay off the outstanding balance within 60 days of the end of the term are eligible for Financial Suspension from the University.

Contingent Admission Hold

A Contingent Admission Hold is placed on students’ accounts if they are missing a copy of their official transcripts from their alma mater. Official copies of transcripts are those that are sent to Walden University directly from the alma mater in a signed and sealed envelope to ensure that the transcripts have not been altered. Official copies may also be emailed directly from the alma mater to Walden, using the address.

Students typically apply and can start their Walden program with an unofficial copy of the transcript and are given a few months’ time to submit an official copy. If the copy is not received by the end of the first term, a Contingency Hold is placed on students’ account. This hold will prevent registration for upcoming terms and will not be lifted until the official copies have been received by Walden. Your Enrollment Specialist can assist with questions related to your official transcript during the enrollment process.

Document Hold

Students who have a minimal tuition balance due will have a Document Hold placed on their account. While students can register for upcoming courses and/or residencies with a Document Hold, they will not be able to request a copy of their official transcript with the hold in place.

Registrar Hold

Registrar Holds are placed when you are required to contact your Student Success Advisor to discuss a program requirement, plans for your registration in the next term, or any another reason. A Registrar Hold does not mean that you owe any fees, nor does it prevent you from accessing your current course or your portal. It will, however, restrict you from registering for a future course or residency until you have worked with a Student Success Advisor and had the hold removed.