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Registrar Support: Dropping Courses


The deadline to drop a course will vary, depending on the length of the course.   Generally, the drop deadline for courses 2-3 weeks in length is Day 3 of class.  The deadline to drop courses longer than 3 weeks is Day 7. Please contact your Student Success Advisor or a Customer Care member for confirmation on the drop deadline for your specific course.

Self-Dropping a Course in your myWalden Portal

Students in self-register programs can drop a course from their myWalden portal by going to the Menu and selection Registration, then select Drop Class.

If you are in an automatic registration program or are having challenges with dropping one of your current courses, please email your Student Success Advisor to request assistance with the drop.

Please Note: If you are only registered for one course you will not be able to drop that course yourself. Please contact your Student Success Advisor for assistance with the drop request in this situation.