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Registrar Support: Degree Conferral

Degree Conferral

Graduation (degree conferral) occurs upon successful completion of all requirements of a degree program. To ensure that the degree conferral process goes smoothly, students are encouraged to apply for graduation at the start of their last term in their program. The graduation application is available on the myWalden portal under the Student Services tab. A degree will not be conferred until after the final term ends and the following have all been completed:

  • All grades have been posted.
  • All program requirements are completed.
  • The required GPA has been obtained.
  • The thesis, dissertation, or doctoral study has been submitted to and approved by the Chief Academic Officer (CAO), and has been published as per the guidelines sent to students via email after CAO approval has been given.

A diploma is sent to students (provided there are no financial holds on a student’s account) approximately 2-4 weeks after the degree conferral has been processed.