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Registrar Support: Overview

Please visit any of the areas within the Registrar Support section to learn more about the following:

Add/Drop Policies

Walden adheres closely to the policies regarding when a class can be added or dropped, or when it is possible to withdraw a student from a course. Please visit this area for more information about what each of these options mean.

Commencement & Graduation

Learn more about diplomas, degree conferral, graduation, and commencement in this section of the website.

Course Registration

Learn more about self-registration for courses and residencies, or what it means to be part of an automatic registration program in this area. This area also provides information related to the registration window for a term start.

Degree Audit

A Degree Audit is a listing of all the requirements for your program. By reviewing this page you'll learn more about how to access your Degree Audit.


There are times when a hold may be placed on your account, should you owe a tuition balance or if you are required to contact Student Success Advising prior to registration for the next term. Learn more about the most common holds that may be placed on an account by visiting this section.

Student Records

Your student records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). You can learn more about FERPA and how to update your student information (if needed) by visiting this section of the website.


In this section you can learn how order an official copy of your transcript from Walden or, if you are a new students, where to submit your transcript from a prior school to Walden to complete your admission requirements.