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Course Materials: When to Order Your Materials

In an effort to get books on time, students in self-purchase programs should purchase their textbooks and other course materials before the first day of class. The Walden bookstore is updated each term and the books for your session of a course will be available for purchase about five weeks prior to the start of your course. At that time you can obtain the list from the bookstore to purchase any materials required for class.

If you wish to purchase your books from another vendor you may do so, but please make sure that you are purchasing the correct version of the required course materials. You can confirm the ISBNs match by comparing the information listed in the bookstore for the required book against the edition that you have purchased. If you decide to purchase your course materials from another vendor, please know that Walden will not be able to assist if there is something wrong with your order or if a book is back-ordered and will not arrive in time for class.

What to do if your order doesn't arrive before class starts

If you have already ordered your books but they have not yet arrived at the start of class, please reach out to your course instructor to inform them that you are waiting for your materials.

When ordering close to the start of a course, Walden recommends seeing if the course materials have an e-book option and selecting that option if possible.