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Course Materials: Controls for Classroom Video

Basic Player Controls

The Play button will appear in the middle of the video player (image below). You can click on the button to begin the video streaming.

play button image

To view the other available controls, allow your mouse to hover over the player.

screen shot of video player controls

  • Play/Pause Button
    • Click this button to start or pause the video
  • Volume
    • Use this button to increase or decrease the volume of the video
  • Progress Bar
    • Use this area to rewind or fast-forward in the video.
  • Closed Captioning
    • Click this button to turn on a video’s closed captioning.
  • Full Screen Mode
    • Use this button to expand the video to full-screen size.
    • Use your computer’s Escape (ESC) button to return the video to its original size.

Accessible Player Controls

To change the player to a Section 508 Compliant media player, click the Accessible player button beneath the video.

accessible player

All of the player controls in this version of the player are fully keyboard accessible and offer larger buttons for students with low vision. The following keyboard shortcuts are available in the Accessible player:

  • P – Play/Pause
  • R – Skip backwards 5 seconds
  • F – Skip forward 5 seconds
  • M – Mute the sound
  • D – Decrease the volume
  • U – Increase the volume
  • C – Turn Closed Captioning off and on
  • Enter – Begin Full Screen
  • Escape – Exit Full Screen