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Course Materials: Walden Library's e-books

Finding E-books in the Walden Library

Use the Book search to find books at the Walden Library. The Walden Library has over 100,000 e-books. All of the books are online; Walden does not own or send out any physical copies.

To search the book collection:

1. In the top left corner of the Library home page, click Start Your Research.

2.  Click on Books.

3.  Enter the subject, book title, or author in the search box.

4.  Click Go.Use the Click here for full text links to get the full text of a book.


You can also search individual e-book collections by clicking on the collection name in the Book Collections box on the right of the Books page.

E-book Resources from the Walden Library

The Walden Library has compiled a series of resources related to e-books. Please visit their E-book Help section for additional resources on e-books.