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Course Materials: Articles

Where to find articles needed for your coursework

Articles can be accessed via links in your course syllabus through Blackboard. Students can also find required articles using the Walden Library. To access the library please visit their website.

Once on the library webpage, you can search for your article in a variety of ways:

  1. Course readings – search for your course from the list of available courses.
  2. Exact article – search by the exact name of the article
  3. Search by topic – Many assignments will require you to do some extra research and locate supporting, peer reviewed articles. The Library has over 100 databases that you can search. These can be located through Articles by Topic or Databases A-Z

Note: Additional assistance with coursework within the Assignment Resources topic – Ability to search by course and week assignment.

Locating Your Course Readings in the Library

The Library has created course reading guides that contain required course readings that are available in the Library. These allow you to access many of your required course readings quickly and easily. You can find detailed steps to locating your course readings at How Do I Find My Course Readings?

Alternatively, there is also a search box located on the Course Guides home page for use in locating the course-specific guide.