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Kaltura: Overview

With the Kaltura system you can upload, create, store, and manage your course related media. From your media library you can repurpose existing media into Discussions, Announcements, etc. Wherever you see the Blackboard Text editor, you can mix media with text.  You can use a variety of means to contribute media to your library: upload a media file from your desktop or use CaptureSpace to record from a webcam or capture your interaction on the screen.


Accessibility Information

Learn more about the accessibility features built into Kaltura, and also your responsibility with regards to making your uploads accessible to your classmates, by visiting this section.

Launching CaptureSpace

Learn more about how to use CaptureSpace to create a webcam video, audio file, screen capture video or to record a narrated PowerPoint presentation by visiting this section.

Uploading Files with Kaltura

You can learn more about how to upload a file in Kaltura by visiting this section.

Technical Information

Learn more about file types and sizes used by Kaltura, and some other tips, by visiting this section.

Video Tips

You can learn more about video recording and uploading tips by visiting this section.

Additional Resources