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Classroom Support: Contacting your Instructor

Contacting your Instructor Tutorial

Contact your Instructor

1. To contact your instructor, click the Contact the Instructor link from the menu on the course home page.


2. You will be brought to the Contact the Instructor discussion forum. Click Contact the Instructor again to access the forum.


3. Your instructor's information will be listed in the discussion forum. You can use the e-mail address and phone number and office hours to reach out to your instructor if you have a personal question. 

4. If your question could benefit the entire course, click reply to post a response to the Contact your Instructor forum.

Contacting Instructors

Faculty members are required to state their Walden e-mail addresses in the appropriate area in course platforms and in faculty directories, and in correspondence with students. Faculty members may, at their discretion, offer students their contact phone numbers, but are not required to do so. Customer Care does not have access to a faculty member's phone number.

If your question relates to something specific only to you (a question about the grade you earned on an assignment, for example), you should e-mail your instructor using your Walden e-mail account. Your instructor’s e-mail address will be listed within your classroom, typically in the Contact the Instructor area.

Please note: Students should only e-mail their instructors using their Walden e-mail account. Faculty are not to respond to messages sent from a non-Walden e-mail account as there is no way to ensure confidentiality of the outside e-mail account and we strive to protect confidential student data.

If your question is a general one that applies to others in the course (questions on what an assignment is asking for, or alerting your professor if a link is broken in the Resources area, for example), you can post this in the Contact the Instructor area. 

For more information about how to find your instructor's contact information in the classroom, please visit the Walden Blackboard Help Topic: When and How to Use the “Contact the Instructor” Area handout.

Response times for e-mails to Instructors

In non-dissertation or –doctoral study courses

Faculty members are expected to respond to informational questioning and course-related student e-mails within 48 hours, excepting holidays and weekends. Responses to e-mails that require more content analysis may extend beyond 48 hours, although faculty members should communicate to students within 48 hours, excepting holidays and weekends, that they are working on the issue.

In dissertation or doctoral study courses

Faculty and staff have 14 days to review drafts of dissertation or doctoral study chapters. Students should remember that each reviewer has 14 days to review materials submitted as part of the dissertation or doctoral study.

Note: If a draft is returned for additional revisions by a committee member, the 14 day window restarts when you submit the new draft for review.

Determining when it is appropriate to use the Contact the Instructor Area

In addition to providing you with your Instructor’s contact information, the Contact the Instructor area allows you to
pose questions to your Instructor via replying to the Contact the Instructor Discussion Thread.

Before posing a question to your Instructor in the Contact the Instructor area though it is important to determine
whether or not the question is appropriate to be asked in this area.

With this in mind, it is important to note that the Contact the Instructor area and any questions that you pose in it via replying to the Contact the Instructor Discussion Thread are visible to the entire class. Therefore, if the answer to the question that you would like to ask your instructor may be beneficial to the entire class, it would be appropriate to pose the question here in the Contact the Instructor area. For instance, if you had a question about what should be included in the content of your assignment or when a particular assignment is due, it may be beneficial to ask these questions in the Contact the Instructor area.

On the other hand, if your question is of a personal nature and you do not want the entire class to view the answer or
you need to provide personal information when asking the question, you should not use the Contact the Instructor
area to ask the question. As mentioned in Step 2 of this demonstration, questions of a personal nature can be
posed to your Instructor using their contact information in this area or the Send Email tool in the Tools area on the
left navigation bar.

Before posing a question to your Instructor in the Contact the Instructor area, you should always make this
determination, so that you do not make information regarding personal matters visible to your entire class.