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Classroom Support: Overview



Your instructor may post important information in the Announcements section of your classroom. Learn more about where announcements will be posted by reviewing this section.

Assignments and Discussions

Submitting a discussion post or an assignment can be tricky, especially for new students. Please visit this section for more assistance with better understanding where and how to submit your work in the classroom.

Classroom Access

Learn more about the preview period for your courses and how the timing of your registration request impacts your access to a classroom.

Exams and Quizzes

Some courses utilize the quiz function of the classroom to provide either an exam or a quiz for students to complete. Learn more about this function by visiting this section.


Read through this section for more information on how to identify your course instructor and how to get in contact with him or her.

Feedback & Grades

Timely feedback on assignments is helpful when working to continuously improve your work over a course. Visit this section to learn more about feedback and grades.

Navigating the Classroom

This section provides additional information on how to navigate the classroom.

Additional Resources

There are additional resources provided by Walden related to your classroom; please visit this section for information about what else is available to support you in navigating and using your Blackboard classroom.