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Classroom Support: Exams & Quizzes

Taking an exam more than once

Your instructor usually will only allow you to enter the exam one time. You must be prepared before you enter the exam because the system will not let you back in after you have entered it. Sometimes your instructor may allow you to enter the exam more than once, but please ask your instructor for confirmation. 

What to do if you are disconnected from the internet during an exam

If possible, please save your answers as you take the exam. If you encounter a problem while taking an exam, immediately e-mail your instructor to let her or him know that you encountered a problem as only instructors can reset quizzes or exams. Customer Care can notate the student account regarding your reported issue, but please always contact the instructor first. In your communication with both your instructor and the Customer Care Team, please be as specific as you can so that they can provide you with the best possible assistance.

Additional information on Blackboard's exam software

When you click on the button to start your exam, you will be given some information about taking exams. Read through this information carefully as it will contain any time limit information, if you can save and continue the exam later, or if the test can be taken multiple times.