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SOCW 8145 Crisis Management: Welcome & Course Readings

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SOCW 8145 Course Readings

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Collins, N. M., & Pieterse, A. L. (2007). Critical incident analysis based training: An approach for developing racial/cultural awareness. Journal of Counseling & Development, 85(1), 14-23.

Curtis, G. (Producer), & Baggerly, J. (Director). (2007). Disaster mental health and crisis stabilization for children [Video file]. United States: Microtraining Associates Inc.

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Quinn, P. (2018). Crisis communication in public health emergencies: The limits of ‘legal control and the risks for harmful outcomes in a digital age. Life Sciences, Society and Policy, 14(1), 1-40.

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Zhang, Q. (2016). Disaster response and recovery: Aid and social change. Annals of Anthropological Practice, 40(1), 86-97.

Other Readings

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