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Center for Social Change:
Real-World Solutions to Real-World Problems

Walden University's Center for Social Change is a connective hub that promotes, facilitates, and supports collaborative alliances, action research, and projects that lead to purposeful action for sustainable positive social change.

The Real-World Solutions to Real-World Problems collaborative is an interdisciplinary team of faculty, staff, and students that provides opportunities for the Walden community of scholar-practitioners and change agents to share insights and expertise about current social problems.

Our sessions, which range from peer-reviewed virtual conferences and workshops to expert panel webinars, aim to educate, inform, and challenge others to improve the circumstances around each critical topic we address.

The Real-World Solutions to Real-World Problems collaborative is supported by Walden’s academic leadership, the Center for Social Change, and the Center for Faculty Excellence.

Critical COVID-19 Conversations: Storytelling and Saving Lives


Pandemics, Privacy, and Public Policy


Expanding the Women-in-Leadership Advantage Conference

Walden University’s Center for Social Change, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and Office of Academic Affairs presented the Real-World Solutions to Real-World Problems: Expanding the Women-in-Leadership Advantage Conference which recognized the leadership roles that women play in our global society. Through oral presentations, digital posters, artist presentations, and a virtual art gallery, attendees engaged with Walden speakers and artists, as well as other participants, in a dialogue on cross-disciplinary solutions that addressed gender inequities for women in leadership.

Watch the Conference Recordings on YouTube


Global Response to, and Challenges of, the COVID-19 Coronavirus

An interdisciplinary panel of faculty and staff outline their thoughts on the challenges of the global COVID-19 response.


Cross-Cultural Collaborations: Embracing Authenticity, Humility, and Vulnerability to Strengthen Positive Social Change

In this panel discussion with workshop break-outs, attendees will build self-awareness to promote competency and walk away with new methods; tools; best practices, models for discussions, and insights about collaborating with people across cultures to infuse a more inclusive approach in their work to foster social change.


A Social Change Challenge: Water Is Toxic, and Food Is Scarce. What Will We Do?

A virtual, interdisciplinary conference series to support Walden University scholar practitioners in their collaboration for positive social change.