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Through ScholarWorks, Walden makes the scholarly and creative output of the Walden University community publicly available, in order to generate, conserve, and transform knowledge by making connections among and between ideas to improve human and social conditions. 

The Journal of Social Change

Sponsored by Walden University, this journal focuses on interdisciplinary research in social change that seeks to improve the human condition and moves people, groups, organizations, cultures, and society toward a more positive future.  Drop by to read an article, or submit one for peer review!

Walden University Social Change Grants

The Research and Applications for Social Change Grant was established to enable members of the Walden community to make a significant and meaningful change in academic and social communities, both locally and globally.

The grant will be awarded to the applicants who submit outstanding proposals that reflect the University's mission to foster social change through research, practice, and the education of scholar-practitioners as well as Walden's determination to uniquely effect positive social change worldwide.

The Social Change Grants Program is open to both Walden-internal, and external candidates.  Apply today.

Walden Social Change Fellows Network, Research & Projects

The principal investigators who are awarded a Research and Applications for Social Change Grant automatically become Walden University Social Change Fellows.

  • Walden University Social Change Fellows are among the most committed and knowledgeable agents for social change.

  • They are scholars, administrators, authors, artists, nurses, social workers, teachers, engineers, lawyers, historians, scientists and community leaders, ready to share their knowledge and skills for the greater global good. They continue to learn and grow as they give.

  • Visit our Social Change Fellows page for more detailed information on this year’s Fellows, their projects, and past Fellows.

Public Grant Application & Funding Resources

Explore information about how to access one of these databases to find available grants that support social change action. is free, while you must subscribe to the other services.

Social Change Curriculum Development Resources