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For each of the eight features of Walden’s Leadership & Social Change Skills Framework, we are developing a “Resources and Curricular Implementation Module” to help you, as an academic leader, think about how your courses are helping build your student’s skills for affecting positive social change.

The Modules that will Come Online Throughout 2018 include:

  • Module 1: Scholarship—Learning to Apply and Communicate About Research, or To Do Research to help Affect Social Change
  • Module 2: Systems Thinking – Learning to Explore the Complex, Systemic Inter-Relationships Underlying Social Change Issues 
  • Module 3: Reflection – Learning to Deeply Consider the Perspectives of Self and Others and The Role of Such Perspectives in the Social Change Process
  • Module 4: Collaboration – Learning to Communicate, Collaborate, and Work with Other Stakeholders, Experts, and Community Members
  • Module 5:  Advocacy—Learning to Become an Effective, Positive Voice to Raise Awareness for Actions to Address Needs for Social Change
  • Module 6: Practice—Learning the Nuts and Bolts of Planning, Executing and Evaluating Social Change Projects and Activities
  • Module 7: Civic and Political Engagement—Learning to Work with Policy-Makers at All Levels of Government, and with Public and Private Organizations to Affect Rules, Laws, and Policies.
  • Module 8: Ethics—Learning to Affect Social Change within a Compassionate, Caring and Respectful Perspective
  • Integrating Module: Leadership for Social Change—Learn how to Integrate Core Skills, Attitudes and Behaviors to help Guide and Facilitate Social Change Teams

Walden's Features of Social Change Leadership Framework Illustrated:

The UD SDG Framework Overlaid with Walden's Skills for Social Change Framework