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Walden University Social Change Fellows & Grants


We are no longer accepting applications for the 2020 Research & Applications for Social Change Grant.


Grants will be awarded to Walden doctoral students, alumni, faculty, and staff,

as well as external researchers, whose proposals reflect the university’s mission

to foster social change through research and the education of scholar-practitioners.

Grant amounts range from $2,500-$17,500.


Apply for a Social Change Grant


Research and Applications for Social Change Grant recipients automatically become Walden University Social Change Fellows.

Walden University Social Change Fellows are among the most committed and knowledgeable agents for social change. They are scholars, administrators, authors, artists, nurses, social workers, teachers, engineers, lawyers, historians, scientists and community leaders, ready to share their knowledge and skills for the greater global good. They continue to learn and grow as they give.


Advice for Social Change Grant Applicants from previous recipients.

Dr. Aimee Ferraro


The advice I have for someone considering to apply for the grant would be to reach out to other fellows who have done it before.

I got great advice from people who had done research for Walden and the type of format I needed to submit in an application. I reached out to the IRB to make sure that my data collection efforts were in line with the IRBs requirements. I reached out to the Center for Social Change to find out exactly what social change meant to them, make sure I was actually hitting all of the requirements of the application.

As a reviewer, I realized that some applicants don't hit and touch on social change very well. They might have a great research project, but their linkage back to how it will impact the community is important to show.

Dr. Paul Englesberg and Dr. Nina Spadaro


Being a social change fellow meant that we had the support of the Center for Social Change behind us-- amazing people. And they helped us through every step of the way. They encouraged us. They applauded us. And that was probably the easiest and most wonderful part of the whole thing.


Some advice I have for people interested in a social change grant is to reach out to people outside of your discipline. We've found that having a cross-disciplinary approach involving some Walden students and graduates was great.

And then involving people in the community-- not just academics, but we involved some artists, a singer-songwriter.

So, think outside the box and see who you can involve locally as well as in the Walden community.

Dr. Richard Jimenez


I would definitely encourage my Walden faculty colleagues as well as our students to, if they are interested in doing some hands-on research that will benefit social change and that will promote social change, to take that step and apply for the grant. I would recommend that you read the guidelines carefully.

I would recommend also that you be very specific in what exactly is it that you want to do, what will be the end product, and how are you going to use that knowledge that you find from your research to promote social positive-- social change.