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SOCI 4080D Week 4 Group Project: Week 4 Group Project

Search Steps

There are four steps in building a keyword search strategy:

  1. Define your topic.
  2. Pick keywords.
  3. Choose a database.
  4. Connect your keywords with Boolean Operators. The Boolean page explains Boolean Operators in more detail.

No results? See tips for changing your search when you aren't finding as many articles as you'd like.

Search Opposing Viewpoints for articles and statistics

Opposing Viewpoints includes articles about social issues. Focus on the Academic Journals results and ask your professor if it is OK to use the Viewpoints, as those are generally not considered "scholarly."

Search Opposing Viewpoints

Search CQ Researcher for unbiased reports covering all viewpoints of an issue

CQ Researcher comprises unbiased reports on social issues and controversial topics.

Search CQ Researcher

Search Thoreau for scholarly articles

Thoreau searches multiple databases at once. Remember, as with other databases, to isolate the keywords that represent the two or three concepts of your research topic.

In Thoreau just type those keywords in their own search box to find the best results. 

Search Thoreau

Video: Watch a search in Thoreau



Video: Thoreau Multiple Database Search Tool (YouTube)

Recorded October 2018 (31 min 59 sec)