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Doctoral Research Appointments: SPSS and Statistics Tutoring Appointments

SPSS/Statistics Tutoring Appointments

Appointments allow doctoral students working on their project study or dissertation to have one-on-one sessions with a statistics tutor.  Students may ask any questions pertaining to data analysis. The statistics tutors provide assistance in data analysis, SPSS or interpretation of results for reporting purposes.

Please schedule an appointment via the following "schedule an appointment" link below.. 

Appointments are held in Skype. Weekly slots are limited. Please make only one appointment a week so that other students also have a chance to make timely appointments. If you need more than one appointment, you are welcome to make one for another week.

Contact us at with any questions.



Methodology Office Hours

For brief methodological questions related to the doctoral study or dissertation, you can also attend Methodology Office Hours. The methodologists do not approve or disapprove any studies.

Methodologists & Tutors