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Research Dissemination Support: Presentation RDS

Up to $1500 per RDS grant (award amount dependent upon associated presentation costs).

Co-authored presentation 

Each author of the presentation is eligible for a RDS grant however, each author must submit his/her individual application for a RDS grant for a co-authored presentation.

In instances where a presentation has multiple authors but not all of the authors actually attend the presentation, only those authors that take part in the delivery of the presentation are eligible to apply for a Presentation RDS.

Awards per presentation

Only one Presentation RDS is awarded per conference, regardless of the number of presentations the applicant gives at the conference.

Presentations given at Walden University Research Symposiums are not eligible for Presentation RDS as travel/accommodation and poster-printing expenses are paid for by the university.


To simplify the RDS application we have created an online submission process. The link below will take you to an online application that will allow you to select relevant fields from drop-down menus, enter individualized text responses, and upload supporting documentation.


Apply for a Presentation RDS


Instructions about how to complete the online application are provided in the form itself; however, to make the process smoother, the following are materials/information you might want to have ready to complete the online application:

  • APA style citation of the presentation
  • A copy of the presentation abstract (PDF or Word) for upload.
  • Name, location, and date of the conference at which you will present.
  • Link to the conference website
    • If the conference doesn’t have a website, you have the option to upload a description of the conference aims/objectives (PDF or Word).
  • Online link to the conference program to demonstrate evidence that your Walden affiliation is associated with the presentation.
    • If this information is not available online, you have the option upload a copy of the relevant pages from the conference program to show your Walden affiliation.
  • Documentation of IRB approval (from Walden or another institution), if the presentation was based upon research you conducted.
  • If the presentation is not based upon research that you conducted, you will need to upload a brief explanation of how the presentation relates to a research activity or concept, such as research mentoring, teaching a concept used to conduct research, analysis of current research trends, etc.

Once the form has been submitted you will receive an automatic reply confirming receipt of your application, which will include the RDS tracking number for your application (RDS-2018-PRES-XX).

Although RDS applications will no longer be accepted by email you are welcome to contact with questions about your RDS application, and the RDS program in general. If inquiring about a specific RDS application, please reference your RDS tracking number in your email.