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Research Dissemination: Overview

2020 Research Dissemination Program Guidelines

The Research Dissemination Support (RDS) Program supports faculty and staff who promote the visibility and scholarly reputation of Walden University through the dissemination of their research and research-related activities.  The RDS Program offers two types of grant awards:

  • Publication RDS – provides an award for publishing research and research-related activities. The Publication RDS is issued after the publication has been published. 
  • Presentation RDS – provides travel support (i.e. costs associated with conference attendance: conference registration/fees, travel, and lodging/accommodation) for presenting research and research-related activities at local, national and international professional conferences.  The Presentation RDS may be applied for and conferred prior to conference attendance, although funds are not disbursed until after the presentation has been delivered. 


While the overall structure of the RDS program remains the same, a number of procedural changes have been implemented for the 2020 RDS program. The most notable changes pertain to the Presentation RDS:

  • Two ways to apply for Presentation RDS: apply before presenting (Pre-Approval) or apply after presenting (Post-Conference).
  • Presentation RDS funds are no longer disbursed through the expense reporting system. Funds are now awarded directly to the RDS recipient after the presentation has been delivered.
  • Presentation RDS grants are a set award of $1500 since disbursement is not dependent upon submission of presentation-related receipts.
  • Conference issued IDs/badges may be used to document Walden affiliation at conferences if the presenter’s affiliation is not included in the conference program.


In light of these changes, please carefully review the program guidelines (sections below) before submitting your RDS application. Please contact with questions about the program and how to apply.