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PUBH 8475 Advanced Program Implementation and Evaluation: Welcome & Course Readings

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PUBH 8475 Required Course Readings

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Allen, J. P., Philliber, S., Herrling, S., & Kuperminc, G. P. (1997). Preventing teen pregnancy and academic failure: Experimental evaluation of a developmentally based approach. Child Development, 68(4), 729–742.

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Klitzner M., Gruenewald, P. J., Bamberger, E., & Rossiter, C. (1994). A quasi-experimental evaluation of Students Against Driving Drunk. American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 20(1), 57–74.

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Magnus, M., Herwehe, J., Andrews, L., Gibson, L., Daigrepont, N., De Leon, J. M., . . . & Butler, M. K. (2009). Evaluating health information technology: Provider satisfaction with an HIV-specific, electronic clinical management and reporting system. AIDS Patient Care and STDs, 23(2), 85–91.

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Tudor-Smith, C., Nutbeam, D., Moore, L., & Catford, J. (1998). Effects of the Heartbeat Wales programme over five years on behavioural risks for cardiovascular disease: Quasi-experimental comparison of results from Wales and a matched reference area. British Medical Journal, 316(7134), 818–822.

Other Readings

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