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PUBH 8050 Week 4 Discussion: Week 4 discussion

Goals & Objectives

For your week 4 discussion you are asked to look online and in the Walden University Library for additional scholarly resources regarding the developmental origins of health and disease and the impact of childhood policies and programs on lifelong health to support your discussion post and replies.

The Walden University Library can help!  On this page you will find guidance on how to choose useful databases, identify good search terms, and conduct an effective search.  

Identify your search terms

Before you begin searching, pick out the main concepts from the assignment details. Good search terms will often be the suggested nouns. In the case of this assignment, most of the key search terms are stated clearly, although you may need to adjust them to retrieve relevant results.

See our Choosing your topic guide to learn how to do this. You can also try some of these suggestions, focusing appropriate combinations:

developmental origins of health and disease 

childhood policies

childhood programs 


lifelong health

Select a Database

Recommended databases for scholarly literature on this topic cross a range of disciplines from the medical sciences to the social and political sciences. A good multidisciplinary database such as Academic Search Complete may be the best choice in this search as well as ProQuest Health & Medical Collection or SocINDEX with Full Text.

Explore various databases by subject by visiting the Library homepage and using the Subject Resources box.

Subject areas that may be of interest include Health sciences, Nursing, Human services, Public Policy & Administration, and Social Work.

Conduct a Search

This strategy below will search to find scholarly literature published in peer-reviewed journals on the topic of developmental origins of health and disease and childhood policies and programs relating to lifelong health:

This search example uses the Academic Search Complete Database.

Note: For help with how to access Academic Search Complete visit this page.

1. Once you are in the Academic Search Complete database, enter your keywords in the search boxes.

First search box:

"Developmental origins of health and disease"

Note: Using quotes tells the database to search for this exact phrase.

Second search box:


2. Below the search boxes, under Limit your results, click the boxes under Full Text and Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals.

3. Click on the Search button to run your search.

4. You should now have a list of scholarly peer-reviewed articles on your topic. To open an article, click on the PDF Full Text link.


Test yourself: