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PUBH 6640 Seminar: Applied Project in Public Health: Welcome & Course Readings

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PUBH 6640 Course Readings

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Béland, D. (2010). Policy change and health care research. Journal of Health Politics, Policy & Law, 35(4), 615–641.

Cooper, R., Cloud, R., Besel, K., & Bennett, A. (2010). Improving access to substance abuse treatment services for consumers with AIDS: A formative evaluation. Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work [serial online], 7(1/2), 115–129.

Hallfors, D., Cho, H., Mbai, I., Milimo, B., & Itindi, J. (2012). Process and outcome evaluation of a community intervention for orphan adolescents in Western Kenya. Journal of Community Health, 37(5), 1101–1109.

Joosen, M., Frings-Dresen, M., & Sluiter, J. (2011). Process and outcome evaluation of vocational rehabilitation interventions in patients with prolonged fatigue complaints. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 18(2), 160–171.

Miake-Lye, I. M., Amulis, A., Saliba, D., Shekelle, P. G., Volkman, L. K., & Ganz, D. A. (2011). Formative evaluation of the telecare fall prevention project for older veterans. BMC Health Services Research, 11(1), 119–127.

Norman, C. D. (2009). Health promotion as a systems science and practice. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, 15(5), 868–872.

Regmi, K., & Naidoo, J. (2013). Understanding the processes of writing papers reflectively. Nurse Researcher, 20(6), 33–39.

Schell, S. F., Luke, D. A., Schooley, M. W., Elliott, M. B., Herbers, S. H., Mueller, N. B., & Bunger, A. C. (2013). Public health program capacity for sustainability: A new framework. Implementation Science, 8(1), 1–9.

Other Readings

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