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PSYC 5215 Assignment Resources: Final Project


Select a biography to read on which to base your Final Project. Think about leaders, artists, composers, researchers, professors, otherwise influential people, etc. The person you choose should be someone who has had impact (positive or negative) on others and/or society.


  • You must use a biography and not an autobiography.
  • Your selection must be one person and not a group of individuals.

Biography search tip

As you are deciding whose biography you would like to read, keep in mind the more contemporary the person, the less you will find written about them.  

For example you will find many more biographies written about Theodore Roosevelt than you would about Kim Kardashian.

Find biographies in the Walden Library

To find biographies in the Walden Library follow the steps below.

1. On the Library's homepage, in the center of the page, click on Books.

2. In the search box, type in the subject, book title, or author.

3. Search by subject or book title

To search by subject enter the person's name in the first search box.


Find biographies at local libraries

The Walden library may not have access to every biography.  If you can not find a biography in our collection you can check libraries near you using the steps below.

1. Go to WorldCat

2. Enter the person's name or title of the book into the search box

3. Locate the book that you are interested in and click on the linked title


4. Enter your zip code in the search box next to Enter your location and click Find libraries


Libraries will be listed from the nearest to the farthest from the zip code entered.


** Outside of the United States **

Enter your city in the box nect to Enter your location.  You can use the drowp down below or select a location to select the correct location if needed.


If any libraries near you have the book they will be listed in order of nearest to farthest.