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MRKT 6160 Design Thinking: Strategy and the Creative Process: Welcome & Course Readings

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MRKT 6160 Course Readings

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Backett, P. (2013). Getting serious about play. Design Management Review, 24(1), 12–19.

Brusseau, J., Chiagouris, L., & Brusseau, R. F. (2013). Corporate social responsibility: To yourself be true. Journal of Global Business & Technology, 9(1), 53–63.

Carroll, D. (2015). The hashtag army. Vision Monday, 29(3), 38–44.

Chang, Y., Kim, J., & Joo, J. (2013). An exploratory study on the evolution of design thinking: Comparison of Apple and Samsung. Design Management Journal, 8(1), 22–34.

Das, K. (2014). Finding the sweet spot between strategy and design. Rotman Management, 114-116.

Hosea, M. (2012). Going to the extremes shifts perceptions. Marketing Week, 35(25), 27.

Johansson-Sköldberg, U., Woodilla, J., & Çetinkaya, M. (2013). Design thinking: Past, present and possible futures. Creativity & Innovation Management, 22(2), 121–146.

Labrecque, L., & Milne, G. (2013). To be or not to be different: Exploration of norms and benefits of color differentiation in the marketplace. Marketing Letters, 24(2), 165–176.

Little, C. (2014). Marketing to millennials. Retail Merchandiser, 54(5), 8–10.

Mininni, T. (2015). Branded by color. Brand Packaging, 19(2), 6–9.

Postma, C., Lauche, K., & Stappers, P. J. (2012). Social theory as a thinking tool for empathic design. Design Issues, 28(1), 30–49.

Vollmer, F. (2013). Story, telling, design and business. Design Management Review, 24(1), 50¬–56.

Walker, P., & Scott, C. (2011). Value chain analysis of a dairy farm. Chartered Accountants Journal, 90(6), 42¬–43.

Other Readings

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