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MMHA 5300 Law, Ethics, and Policy in Healthcare Administration: Welcome & Course Readings

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MMHA 5300 Course Readings

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Antos, J. R. (2014). Health care reform after the ACA. The New England Journal of Medicine, 370(24), 2259–2261.

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Enck, G. (2014). Six-step framework for ethical decision making. Journal of Health Services Research and Policy 2014, 19(1), 62-64.
Note: not required for WMBA 6604 or MGMT 6604

Ginsberg, M. (2015). Informed consent and the differential diagnosis: How the law overestimates patient autonomy and compromises. Wayne Law Review, 60(2), 349–394.

Hamel, M. B., Blumenthal, D., Stremikis, K., & Cutler, D. (2013). Health care spending—A giant slain or sleeping? The New

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Tunson, J. (2014, January). What does the law say to good Samaritans? A review of good Samaritan statutes in 50 states and on US airlines. Journal of Emergency Medicine, 46(1), 153.

Other Readings

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