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MHRM 6301 Legal and Regulatory Environment: Welcome & Course Readings

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MHRM 6301 Course Readings

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Becton, J., Walker, H., Gilstrap, J., & Schwager, P. (2019). Social media snooping on job applicants. Personnel Review, 48(5), 1261–1280.

Bisserbe, N. (2018, November 18). France  prepares to get tough on firms that pay women less. The Wall Street Journal.

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Helfand , M. A. (2019, March 22). A day of rest may get a day in court. The Wall Street Journal.

Lopoo , L. M., & Raissian, K. (2018, July 26). Washington is biased against babies. The Wall Street Journal.

OK to voice concern about age as long as you don’t base termination decision on it. (2016). HR Specialist: Minnesota Employment Law, 9(11), 3.

Progressive discipline the legal way: 7 steps. (2019). HR Specialist: Employment Law, 49(7), 2.

Terras, K. Leggios, J., & Phillips, A. (2015). Disability accommodations in online courses: The graduate student experience. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability, 28(3), 329–340.

The best way to stop age bias claims: Prove employee was terminated for cause. (2017). HR Specialist: Pennsylvania Employment Law, 12(4), 2. 

The Editorial Board. (2017, March 30). A right-left cure for disabilities torts. The Wall Street Journal.

The Editorial Board. (2018, June 13). The disabilities act often overshoots intended mark. The Wall Street Journal .

Ventrell-Monsees, C. (2019). It’s unlawful age discrimination—not the “natural order” of the workplace! Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law, (1), 91.

Wiener, R. L., & Farnum, K. S. (2016). How old is old in allegations of age discrimination? The limitations of existing law. Law and Human Behavior, 40(5), 536–550.

Other Readings

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