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Library Open House: Home


Welcome to the Walden Library Open House! You can find all open house activities here. You can stay for the whole event or just stop in for a little while to say hi.

Live events:

Library Trivia Game

Join the College of Health Sciences (CHS) Librarian Julie James, and the College of Management & Technology Librarian  Audrey Butlett-Swenson, and test your Library knowledge. Not all questions will be scholarly! Learn about the Librarians and the Walden Library during this interactive quiz show, and compete against fellow students. The winner will be entered into the drawing for an Amazon Kindle*.


Stump the Librarian

Do you think that you can stump our librarians, Anne Rojas, Amanda Solomon, and Audrey Butlett-Swenson? Do you have a difficult question you think they won’t be able to find an answer to? Are you looking for an obscure fact or statistic? Drop in during Stump the Librarian and see if they can find answers or if they will be stumped! You’ll be AMAZED with what the Walden Library has to offer and how much the Librarians can help you with your research.

Drop in anytime and stay as long as you like!

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

Walden Library has many great resources and tools to help our students and faculty. You may be a bit surprised at some of them! Can you pick out the fake resources from the real ones? Come join our librarians as we stretch the truth (just a bit). 


Talkin’ Traveling Trivia with Taylor

Come meet Taylor Leigh, Liaison Librarian to the School of Public Policy & Administration, and accompany him on a virtual journey through three mysterious American cities. Over the course of three rounds, attendees will view a series of short video clips from unspecified locations and then guess where they were recorded. Once an attendee has guessed the location correctly, Taylor will then ask a few trivia questions about the location. Students will search web resources and identify the most authoritative information to answer the question – beware of easy answers! Come enjoy Taylor’s travels from the comfort of your own home. Winners from each round will be entered into the drawing for an Amazon Kindle*. Hope to see you there!


Week long events:

Library Scavenger Hunt

Explore our website and resources while finding answers to questions in the scavenger hunt. If you answer all the questions correctly you will be entered to win an Amazon Kindle*!

Hidden Treasures

Explore the library website with the scavenger hunt or on your own and keep an eye out for hidden treasures. These are links or images that maybe seem a little odd or out of place.

If you think you found a hidden treasure, click on it to fill in a form and possibly win a prize*! Completed forms will be entered into the drawing for an Amazon Kindle**.  

*The first 12 people to find a treasure will win a prize, limit one prize per person. Hidden treasures entries will continue to be accepted after all prizes have been awarded and will be entered into the grand prize Kindle** drawing. Limit to eight entries per person.

**There will be a drawing for the grand prize of a Kindle. One Kindle drawing entry per person for each event or activity completed, limit to eight entries per person.