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Mendeley Citation Manager: Getting Started

What is Mendeley?

Mendeley is a free citation management software program that lets you store and organize references. It also has academic social networking features.

Mendeley Pros

  • search for articles using Mendeley Web (may not be available in full text)
  • has features for note taking and annotating PDF documents
  • create in-text citations and reference lists

Mendeley Cons

  • cannot link Mendeley to the Walden Library to find full text (with an open URL resolver)
  • need to add PDFs to your Mendeley library manually

Get an overview

Get an overview of Mendeley by checking out the Getting Started Guide put together by the Mendeley team.


Note: Mendeley is just one of many citation management software options. The Walden University Library does not specifically endorse or recommend Mendeley over other available options.

Download Mendeley Desktop

Mendeley works with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers. Install the web importer for the Internet browser(s) you wish to use. Create a free account online to get access to more features, such as groups and other networking features. You can log in to your account through the Mendeley homepage.

Mendeley basics webinar

Video: Mendeley Basics (YouTube)

Recorded June 2019 (1 hour 1 min 5 sec)