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ITEC 6721 Week 3 Application: Week 3 Application

Application requirements

The week 3 application asks you to:

"Research and present a case study (not addressed in the textbook) in which a major IS project succeeded specifically because the IS analysts understood and avoided pervasive but unacknowledged beliefs or behaviors."

This guide will assist you by providing keyword and database suggestions to help you locate a present case study. 

Finding a case study

To find such a case study, you'll need to brainstorm some potential beliefs or behaviors that present a challenge to implementing an IS project.  Reflect on your course readings and discussions to do this. Then try incorporating keywords representing that belief into a search.  

Other keywords in the search should include to narrow your results to case studies and project impelementation: 

case study AND project implement* 

Note: The asterisk acts as a truncator, so that the database will return any hits on that word with different endings -- such as implement, implementation, implementing, etc.

There are three ways to locate case studies in the Walden Library databases. 

Try your search in any of these recommended business & management databases: