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HUMN 8356 Social Work Practice with Couples and Family Systems: Welcome & Course Readings

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HUMN 8356 Course Readings

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HUMN 8356 Course Media

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If you are having difficulty logging into Kanopy to watch the videos, please follow the steps in QA. (Producer). (2000). Couples therapy for addictions: A cognitive-behavioral approach [Video file]. United States: Author. (Producer). (2002a). Cognitive-behavioral child therapy [Video file]. United States: Author. (Producer). (2002b). Narrative therapy with children [Video file]. United States: Author. (Producer). (n.d.). Bowenian family therapy [Video file]. [With Philip Guerin, MD]. United States: (Producer). (n.d.). Structural family therapy [Video file]. [With Harry Aponte, LCSW]. United States: (Publisher). (1994a). I'd hear laughter: Finding solutions for the family [Video file]. (Publisher). (1994b). Irreconcilable differences: A solution-focused approach to marital therapy [Video file]. (Publisher). (n.d.). Emotionally-focused couples therapy [Video file]. [With Sue Johnson]. United States: (Publisher). (n.d.). Experiential therapy [Video file]. [With Augustus Napier]. United States: (Publisher). (n.d.). Satir family therapy [Video file]. [With Jean McLendon]. United States:

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