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HLTH 8201 Principles of Population Health in Healthcare Administration: Welcome & Course Readings

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HLTH 8201 Course Readings

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Epstein, A. M., Jha, A. K., Orav, E. J., Liebman, D. L., Audet, A. M. J., Zezza, M. A., & Guterman, S. (2014). Analysis of early accountable care organizations defines patient, structural, cost, and quality-of-care characteristics. Health Affairs33(1), 95-102.

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Palmer-Wackerly, A. L., Krok, J. L., Dailey, P. M., Kight, L., & Krieger, J. L. (2014). Community engagement as a process and an outcome of developing culturally grounded health communication interventions: An example from the DECIDE Project. American Journal of Community Psychology, 53(3–4), pp. 261–274.

Skinner, D., Franz, B., & Kelleher, K. (2019). How should health care organizations and communities work together to improve neighborhood conditions? AMA Journal of Ethics, 21(3), 281-287.

Tampi, R. R., & Tampi, D. J. (2013). Multidisciplinary teams in the continuum of care for older adults with mental illnesses. Neuropsychiatry, 3(6), 555-558.

Wesson, D. E., Lucey, C. R., & Cooper, L. A. (2019). Building trust in health systems to eliminate health disparities. JAMA, The Journal of the American Medical Association, (2), 111.

Other Readings

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