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HLTH 8129E Global Perspectives on Health: Welcome & Course Readings

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HLTH 8129E Course Readings

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Aizpurua, E., Copp, J., Ricarte, J. J., & Vázquez, D. (2017). Controlling Behaviors and Intimate Partner Violence Among Women in Spain: An Examination of Individual, Partner, and Relationship Risk Factors for Physical and Psychological Abuse. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 886260517723744.

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Srinivasan, R., Ahmad, T., Raghavan, V., Kaushik, M., & Pathak, R. (2018). Positive Influence of Behavior Change Communication on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices for Visceral Leishmaniasis/Kala-azar in India. Global Health: Science and Practice, 6(1), 192–209. 

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Yasobant, S. (2017). Comprehensive public health action for our aging world: the quintessence of public health policy. Journal of International Medical Research.

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