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HIST 2050C U.S. History through the Lens of Social Change: Welcome & Course Readings

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HIST 2050C Course Readings

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Browne-Marshall, G. (2015, May 9). Did social media bring people to Baltimore riots and protests? Milwaukee Courier.  

Darwall, R. (2014). The church of Gore: Environmentalism as metaphysical belief. National Review, 66(4), 33–35.

della Porta, D., & Parks, L. (2014). Framing processes in the climate movement: From climate change to climate justice. In H. Garrelts, & M. Dietz (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of the Climate Change Movement (pp. 19–30). New York, NY: Routledge.

Editorial Board. (2015, Jul 13). Despite ruling, equality battle far from complete. Portland Press Herald. 

Fraser, M. (2014). The end of the (tea) party? New Labor Forum (Sage Publications Inc.), 23(2), 103-105.

Greenwell, M. (2009, January 24). A fresh look at how best to get food to 35 million. The Washington Post. 

Herod, J. (2010). Capitalists, global warming, & the climate justice movement.  Anarcho - Syndicalist Review,  54, 23-28. 

Hnatiw, S. (2014, Apr 8). A plan to make equal pay for women a reality. Morning Call. 

Kohn, S. (2014, Jan 1). What's next for gay rights in 2014? The Daily Beast.

Maslauskas, B. (2011). The battle for Blair Mountain. Industrial Worker, 108(8), 1–6.

Meili, D. (2012). Militant AIM activist led Wounded Knee uprising. Windspeaker, 30(9), 28. 

Obama, B. H. (2015, Jun 24). Remarks at a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride month reception. Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents, 1-4. 

Shor, F. (2015). "Black lives matter": Constructing a new civil rights and black freedom movement. New Politics, 15(3), 28-32. 

Steiner, S., & Wellendorf, K. (2015, August 30). Life on the edge: A DREAMer’s struggle through immigration. University Wire.

Wright, J. (2013). Only your calamity: The beginnings of activism by and for people with AIDS. Journal of the American Public Health Association, 103(10), 1788–1798.

Other Readings

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