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HIST 2005 World History 1900–1945: Welcome & Course Readings

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HIST 2005 Course Readings

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Bailey, R. (2010, June). “Tesla: The Wizard Who Electrified the World.” American History, pp. 52-59.

Barron, C. (1923, March 26). Mediterranean issues: Gateways to Asia and Africa. Barrons, pp. 3–5. 

Betts, R. (2004). Decolonization.

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Conrad, M. (2012). A Concise History of Canada.

Cook, C., & Stevenson, J. (2004). The Routledge Companion to Modern European History since 1763.

Falola, T. and Heaton, M. (2008). A History of Nigeria.

Ginneken, A. H. V. (2006). Historical Dictionary of the League of Nations.

Goldschmidt, A. and Bourn, A. (2015). A Concise History of the Middle East.

Haine, W. S. (2000). The History of France.

Hamby, A. (2009). Outline of U.S. History.

Hamnett, B. (1999). A Concise History of Mexico.

Howard, M. (2007). First world war: A very short introduction.

Lambrichs, L. (1995, January). “Louis Pasteur, Scientist and Humanist.” UNESCO Courier, pp. 48-49.

Lockard, C. (2009). Southeast Asia in World History.

Lukacs, J. (2013). A short history of the twentieth century.

Metcalf, B. and Metcalf, T. (2012). A Concise History of Modern India. 3rd ed.

Mulligan, W. (2011). The Origins of the First World War. History Review, (69), 12–17.

Mulligan, W. (2011, March). “The Origins of the First World War.” History Review, pp. 12-17.

O'Hara, S, & Heffernan, M. (2006). From geo-strategy to geo-economics: The ‘Heartland’ and British imperialism before and after MacKinder. Geopolitics, 11(1), 54–73.  

Proctor, T. (2010). Civilians in a World at War, 1914-1918. 

Reilly, K. (2012). The human journey: A concise introduction to world history.  No longer available in the library.

Retallack, J. (2008). Imperial Germany: 1871-1918.

Rossabi, M. (2013). History of China.

Russell, D. (2014). A History of Japan. 2nd ed.

Share, M. (2004). Along the fringes of "the Great Game": Imperial Russia and Hong Kong, 1841–1907. Round Table, 93(377), 731–735. 

Siber, K. (2012, Winter). "The Wright Stuff." National Parks, pp. 1–3.

Skidmore, T. (1999). Brazil: Five Centuries of Change.

Smil, V. (2005). Creating the Twentieth Century: Technical Innovations of 1867-1914 and Their Lasting Impact.

Wasson, E. (2015). A History of Modern Britain: 1714 to the Present.

Ziegler, C. (2009). The History of Russia.

Other Readings

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