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SOC-OFE Policies and Petitions: SOC-OFE Policies

Field Experience Manual


The Field Experience Manual contains detailed information about field experience requirements and policies for the Counseling programs at Walden University. All students are expected to read the manual and be familiar with its contents.


Counseling Masters' Programs Field Experience Manual

PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision Field Experience Manual

Students are subject to the policies and procedures describe in the most current Field Experience Manual, regardless of the academic year in which they were admitted.  The university reserves the right to change any provision, offering, requirement, or fee at any time within the student's enrollment period.

School of Counseling Field Experience Petitions

Students who have valid reason to request an exception to an SOC-OFE policy may do so using the Field Experience Petition Form.

The following is considered in review of petitions:

  •  Does the petitioner truly have an unexpected, unavoidable extenuating circumstance, or is he/she trying to "get out of" a bind?
  •  Does approving this petition give this student an unfair advantage over other students?
  •  Does approving this petition change any primary components of the degree?
  •  Would approval set a precedent for future petitions? How will this affect policy and procedure? Is the policy worth enforcing?
  •  Does the petition, and the circumstances leading to it provide cause to review policies or procedures? If so, which ones? 

Important considerations for application submission window/deadline extension requests:

  • Submitting a petition is not a guarantee of acceptance of a late application or that an application, once submitted, will be approved.
  • You must have a site secured to request an extension.
  • Unawareness of the submission window is not sufficient reason for a request for an extension.
  • The month prior to the term start is a blackout period. Absolutely no petitions are considered during this time for any reason.

SOC-OFE Petition Process

  1. Submit Petition Form: Make sure your petition includes all relevant documentation such as email correspondence, etc.
  2. Submission Verified: A field experience operations coordinator will review and verify the submitted documentation, then forward to the field experience committee for review.
  3. Petition Reviewed: The field experience committee will review the petition and any relevant documentation you submit. Decisions can take up to 10 business days.
  4. Receive Decision: You will receive the decision on your petition via your Walden email address.
All exceptions to field experience policy must be formally petitioned using the Field Experience Petition Form, except:
-  Grade Appeal or Transfer of Credit (see the Student Handbook)
-  Professional Liability Insurance (contact the SOC-OFE to initiate this request)