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SOC-OFE Masters Students: Field Experience Registration

Registration Procedure

The SOC-OFE registers students for the field experience courses upon approval of field experience applications. To be registered for a field experience course, a student must:

  •  Receive a formal approval letter from the SOC-OFE for the field experience
  •  Be actively enrolled and in good standing

*Student support plans must be completed no later than 2 weeks prior to enrollment in field experience.


Registration for the field experience courses typically happens about 3 weeks prior to the start of the term.

Students are placed in cohorts grouped by availability for group supervision, when possible. The SOC-OFE attempts to ensure that students remain in the same cohorts and with the same instructor throughout the duration of the field experience, but this is not always possible.


Instructor and/or section requests cannot usually be accommodated due to the complexities involved in scheduling the field experience courses.  Such requests need to be made directly through the SOC-OFE.

Drops and Withdrawals

All students who terminate a field experience prior to the scheduled end of the field experience must complete the Field Experience Discontinuation/Termination form.  A drop or withdrawal request will not be processed until the SOC-OFE has received and reviewed this form and determined the termination with the field site and clients to be ethical.

Hours accrued during a term in which a student drops, withdraws, or earns a in a field experience will be forfeited.  Only hours earned during terms of field experience that are successfully completed will be counted toward the total hourly requirements of the program.