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SOC-OFE Masters Students: Changes in Field Experience/Supervision

Temporary Supervision Coverage

  • Temporary change due to short-term (less than 2 weeks) absence of approved primary site supervisor
    • Examples: Vacation, short-term medical leave, bereavement leave
  • Temporary Site Supervisor must meet all site supervisor requirements and take over all site supervisor responsibilities

Email the SOC-OFE and your faculty supervisor to provide notification of the need for the short-term coverage. Also include the approved primary site supervisor and temporary site supervisor on this email communication.

Include all of the following information:

  1. Temporary Site Supervisor's Contact Information (Name, Email Address, Telephone Number)
  2. Temporary Site Supervisor's Credentials (licensure information, degree)
  3. Specific Start and End Dates of temporary supervision coverage (no longer than 2 weeks)

Permanent Site Supervisor Changes

  • Permanent change due to unavailability of approved primary site supervisor. Also required if absence is not permanent, but will be longer than 2 weeks
    • Examples: Site supervisor leaves the organization; site supervisor is on extended leave of absence (more than 2 weeks).
  • Change must be approved by the field experience director
  • New Site Supervisor must meet all site supervisor requirements and take over all site supervisor responsibilities
  • Site Supervisor Orientation must be completed by new site supervisor


Students can work with new site supervisor for up to 2 weeks while awaiting approval of the new site supervisor (see Temporary Supervision Coverage). After 2 weeks, full approval of the revised application is required for students are able to proceed or resume work at the field site. 

First, email the SOC-OFE and your faculty supervisor to provide notification of the need for the site supervisor change.

Include all of the following information:

  1. Rationale for site supervisor change
  2. Specific End Date for approved primary site supervisor and specific Start Date of new site supervisor
    • If there is any gap in supervision coverage, the student cannot continue work at the field site.

Then, adhere to instructions provided by the SOC-OFE.

The SOC-OFE provide specific instructions for:

  1. Updating your Meditrek Application (see next tab)
  2. Updating your Site Supervision Contract
  3. Requesting completion of the Site Supervisor Orientation

*A deadline for submission of the changes will be provided and must be adhered to.


Depending on the timing of the change and the ability of the SOC-OFE to accommodate the review, students may be required to wait until the next quarter to start with the new site and/or site supervisor.

Site supervisor changes will require you to submit a new application in Meditrek. However, the SOC-OFE will need to start this application for you, so please contact the SOC-OFE to notify us of the need for a supervisor change.

  1. Work with your new site supervisor to update the information on your Field Experience Application Worksheet and any other documentation required for your application (Make sure to update all signatures!).
  2. Log into Meditrek ( and choose the "Field Application" button in the upper left-hand corner.
  3. Choose the application that is in started status (The SOC-OFE will have started this for you)
  4. Complete the application and submit.
  5. Email to let us know that the new application has been submitted so that we can expedite the review for you.


Once submitted, the application review process for your site supervisor change will proceed as usual. Please see the Application Process tab of this website for detailed information about the application review process.

Site-Approved Designee

  • An individual approved by your Walden-approved site supervisor to be available to the student when the approved primary site supervisor is not able to be on-site at times student sees clients.

    • Examples: Supervisor is often called away to other sites; student needs to see clients on a day that the supervisor is not regularly scheduled to be on site; internship student is seeing clients in their homes

‚ÄčSite-Approved Designee Credentials and Requirements:

  • Designees must be mandated reporters (e.g. for immediate suicidal ideation) by their states’ or federal rules and regulations.
  • Designees must be trained in how to respond to mental health and other emergencies.
  • Designees must immediately respond to any request for assistance from the School of Counseling student if the site supervisor is not on site.
  • Designees must immediately attend to all mental health emergencies or other crises that impact the School of Counseling student or their clients.
  • Site Supervisors must always be available by phone or other immediate mode of communication when not physically on-site while  the School of Counseling student is present.

If your Walden-approved site supervisor is not able to be present at all times when you are seeing clients, request that they appoint a designee that meets program requirements to be available to you in their absence.

The designee is approved by your site supervisor - no information is required in Meditrek.