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EDUC 8643 Achieving Coherence in Complex Institutions: Welcome & Course Readings

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EDUC 8643 Required Course Readings

The links are for required readings found in the Walden databases ONLY. For all other readings, see your course resources.

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Adelman, C. (2008). Accountability "Light": Our Version Is Going the Way of the Dollar vs. the Euro. Liberal Education, 94(4), 6-13.

Argyris, C. (2002). Teaching Smart People How to Learn. Reflections, 4(2), 4-15.

Eckel, P. D. (2000). The role of shared governance in institutional hard decisions: Enabler or antagonist? The Review of Higher Education, 24(1), 15-39.

Keeling, R. P., Underhile, R., & Wall, A. F. (2007). Horizontal and Vertical Structures: The Dynamics of Organization in Higher Education. Liberal Education, 93(4), 22-31.

Kezar, A. (2003). Enhancing Innovative Partnerships: Creating a Change Model for Academic and Student Affairs Collaboration. Innovative Higher Education, 28(2), 137-

Kezar, A. (2005). What Campuses Need to Know about Organizational Learning and the Learning Organization. New Directions for Higher Education, (131), 7-22.

Kezar, A. (2006). Redesigning For Collaboration in Learning Initiatives: An Examination of Four Highly Collaborative Campuses. Journal of Higher Education, 77(5), 804-838.

Kezar, A., & Eckel, P. D. (2002). The effect of institutional culture on change strategies in higher education. Journal of Higher Education, 73(4), 435-460.

Lane, J. E. (2007). The Spider Web of Oversight: An Analysis of External Oversight of Higher Education. Journal of Higher Education, 78(6), 615-644.

Levin, J. S. (1997). The Cultures of the Community College. ASHE Annual Meeting Paper.

Norris, D., Brodnick, R., Lefrere, P., Gilmour, J., & Baer, L. (2013). Transforming in an age of disruptive change: Part 1: Back to the future, zooming to the present. Planning for Higher Education, 41(2), 18-32.

Norris, D., Brodnick, R., Lefrere, P., Gilmour, J., & Baer, L. (2013). Transforming in an age of disruptive change: Part 2: Getting started, getting it done. Planning for Higher Education, 41(2), 33-55.

Robbins, J. (2008). Toward a Theory of the University: Mapping the American Research University in Space and Time. American Journal of Education, 114(2), 243-272.

Shugart, S. (2013). The challenge to deep change: A brief cultural history of higher education. Planning for Higher Education, 41(2), 7-17. 

Tagg, J. (2007). Double-Loop Learning in Higher Education. Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, 39(4), 36-41.

Other Readings

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