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EDUC 6689 Guiding and Supporting School Literacy Environments: Welcome & Course Readings

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EDUC 6689 Required Course Readings



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Ambrose, D., & Costello, R. (2012). The impact of a school’s literacy program on a primary classroom. Canadian Journal of Education, 35(1), 69–81.

Gregg, S. C., Hoyte, K. W., & Flint, A. S. (2012). “I could just go free in my mind”: Combining critical literacy, reader response, and writer's workshop in the elementary classroom. Illinois Reading Council Journal, 40(4), 19–25.

Kearns, L. (2011). High-stakes standardized testing and marginalized youth: An examination of the impact on those who fail. Canadian Journal of Education, 34(2), 112–130.

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Minarechová, M. (2012). Negative impacts of high-stakes testing. Journal of Pedagogy, 3(1), 82–100.

Mraz, M., Algozzine, B., & Watson, P. (2008). Perceptions and expectations of roles and responsibilities of literacy coaching. Literacy Research and Instruction, 47(3), 141–157.

Padak, N., & Rasinski, T. V. (2010). Welcoming schools: Small changes that can make a big difference. The Reading Teacher, 64(4), 294–297.

Reich, G. A., & Bally, D. (2010). Get smart: Facing high-stakes testing together. The Social Studies, 101(4), 179–184.

Turner, J. D., Applegate, A. J., & Applegate, M. D. (2009). Teachers as literacy leaders. The Reading Teacher, 63(3), 254–256.

Turner, J. D., Applegate, A. J., & Applegate, M. D. (2011). New teachers as literacy leaders. The Reading Teacher, 64(7), 550–552.

Witte, S., Beemer, J., & Arjona, C. (2010). “Re-vision”: Our journey in developing a secondary literacy plan. American Secondary Education, 39(1), 15–26.

Other Readings

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